18 February 2016

UGANDA - KUSA Weekend Round-up

KUSA Weekend Round-up
Magadi Road Conference: Much fancied Riara University Bucks were on the receiving end last weekend. After beating UMMA 68-32, they lost 34-48 to hosts Catholic University of Eastern Africa and African Nazarene University 35-42.
In the ladies league defending champions had to fight to the end to dismiss Kenyatta Univeristy Oryx 31-30. Zetech University collected maximum points after beating CUEA 46-27 on Saturday and got a walkover on Sunday, Cooperative College did not honour the match.
A total of 42 games were played over the weekend.
Full Weekend Results:
Saturday Magadi Road Men: MMU 38-42 MKU NBO, CUEA 23-28 ANU, Riara 68-32 UMMA, Strathmore 69-31 Machakos, Riara 46-28 Co-op, Moi Nbo 00-20 Daystar, Strathmore 00-20 Coop, Daystar 20-00 JKUAT Nbo, TUK 50-32 MMU, MKU Nbo 19-33 CUEA, JKUAT Nbo 43-46 ANU
Saturday Thika Road Men: KU Ruiru 31-49 USIU, Zetech 24-38 UoN, MKU Thika 30-43 KU, SPU38-46 Zetech, JKUAT 36-40 UON.
Ladies Saturday: Riara 35-25 SPU, USIU 47-07 COOP, Daystar 39-11 KU Ruiru, ANU 20-24 JKUAT, Zetech 46-27 CUEA.
Sunday Magadi Road Men: CUEA 48-34 Riara, JKUAT Nbo 34-42 Machakos, Strathmore 43-27 CUEA, KU Nbo 53-25 UMMA, Riara 35-42 ANU, Daystar 33-26 TUK, ANU 44-31 MKU Nbo, MMU 19-29 Daystar
TUK 28-37 Coop, KU Nbo 20-00 MOI Nbo, Mackakos 28-34 UMMA, JKUAT Nbo 45-46 MKU Nbo.
Sunday Thika Road Men: KU 29-19 KU RUIRU, UON 40-61 USIU, SPU 41-18 JKUAT, MKU Thika 33-29 KU Ruiru.
Ladies Sunday: Riara 29-32 KU, ANU 32-23 MKU Thika, Daystar 20-00 Machakos, Zetech 20-00 COOP, KU 30-31 USIU.

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